Tony Smith

Tony Smith

Tony Smith, Director of Safety Outreach at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Washington, DC, brings over 20 years of safety education and training experience to the recycling industry. He began his career in safety at the North American Crane Bureau where he served as a technical writer, crane inspector, accident investigator, and heavy equipment safety trainer. In 1999 he began working as a corporate safety trainer with one of the largest privately owned scrap metal recyclers in North America. He has developed and delivered training programs and educational materials covering safety issues found in recycling facilities. In 2013, Tony joined the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) where he continues to work with the recycling industry to find solutions to creating safer working environments. In other roles at ISRI Tony serves as the chairman of the ASME B30.25 subcommittee on Scrap & Material Handlers.

Lower your fire risk – an introduction to the ISRI Fire Prevention and Management Plan

Reef E-F

As one of the greatest challenges to the scrap recycling industry, fire risk deserves a tremendous response.  ISRI has marshalled resources to address this concern.  The effort began with the Board of Directors recognition that this issue affects every member.  A team of fire professionals, with recycling industry experience, was recruited to work with ISRI staff […]

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