Susan Ross

Susan Ross

Susan Ross, Apprenticeship Coordinator for the College of Southern Nevada’s Division of Workforce & Economic Development, is driven to help business and industry fill the skills gap created by the “gray wave.” She takes pride in providing the best training alignment and business collaboration possible. Susan is an experienced business professional with a background in business management and development, employee training, and building customer relationships. Her goals include managing 18 existing apprenticeship programs in the building trades, manufacturing, and industry, as well as expanding and creating new apprenticeship opportunities and pre-apprenticeship programs across Southern Nevada. In addition to her primary job functions, Susan regularly encourages students to take advantage of the tremendous career opportunities that exist in these vital industries through apprenticeship—the “other degree”—to earn industry-recognized certifications and build strong careers and futures.

Partnering with Community Colleges to Develop Internship Programs

Reef E-F

As the needs of scrap yards grow, the ability to find qualified workers is more important than ever. Unfortunately, a significant worker shortage has developed and many scrap yards are finding it difficult to fill all of their vacant positions. In this workshop, you’ll learn about how The Pacific Northwest Chapter of ISRI has partnered […]

Managing a 21st Century Workforce