Nidhi Turakhia

Nidhi Turakhia

Nidhi Turakhia began her journey, unbeknownst to her, in the recycling industry during high school where her father offered her a summer job as an intern at his scrap metal company. After high school she went on to the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a double B.A. in Economics and Spanish. Her intentions were to immediately attend law school with the goal of becoming a defense attorney or working for a legal aid program. Yet again, and at her father’s request she agreed to work for one year to help start-up a new metal recycling brokerage company. The agreement made was, “If I didn’t enjoy it, I could go back to pursuing law school”. She never looked back and jumped in whole heartedly to first Titan Metals, and later to Allied Alloys.

Over time as the Turakhia family’s principal interest in Allied Alloys grew so did Nidhi’s responsibilities. She is now the executive vice president with her primary responsibility being a metals trader. Additionally, she oversees Human Resources, Logistics, Projects, and Indirect Purchasing while also completing her MBA. Some of her favorite accomplishments at her company were being able to create an internship program and changing the demographics of the company.

In her role at Allied Alloys, she began attending shows and conferences to expand their network and in return was able to expand her own. These conferences opened many doors for her and because of this she was able to serve on numerous boards including the Association of Women in the Metals Industries board, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Gulf Coast Chapter, and now as a co-chair for the Women in Recycling.

A personal passion of Nidhi’s is a non-profit organization, Veerayatan, which promotes social development, education, and spirituality for under privileged children in third world countries. This organization was founded by a woman who came from an extremely underprivileged background which attracted Nidhi. Her involvement has now led her to be elected as the youth committee chair with goals to expand public awareness through social media and create a young executive volunteer program.

Nidhi is thankful to have the mentorship of her family and aims to do the same for others.