Max Craipeau

Max Craipeau

Max Craipeau, is the CEO of GREENCORE RESOURCES  which is located  in Hong Kong and serves as the Chairman of the BIR Tyre and Rubber Committee.

Mr Craipeau started out in the industry over 10 years ago as non-ferrous Trader for Marc NATAN (former BIR non-ferrous President)  before launching his own trading business from Hong Kong in 2011 focusing on scrap rubber and plastics since then.

Mr Craipeau is well know in the scrap industry both in Europe and Asia where he has been developing innovative recycling solutions using its extensive network of suppliers and end users.

GREENCORE has two factories – Indonesia and Poland – where it processes rubber and plastic scraps into granules, regranulates and compounds to serve its customers globally.

Mr Craipeau is looking forward to actively making a useful contribution to the industry by bringing a global insight rather than being solely focused on the western market.

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