Kevin Lamar

Kevin Lamar

Kevin is the Chief Financial Officer for Dynamic Metal Services and Alloy Metal Management LLC.  He is part of the executive leadership team at the Company with a focused responsibility in commodity trading, corporate governance and sustainable growth.  Dynamic Metal Services is a nonferrous processor operating in domestic and international markets. Kevin’s industry experience includes more than 30 years within the areas of public accounting, commercial banking and leading privately held companies.

He resides in Cortland, Ohio with his wife Jennifer. They have a grown daughter Katie who lives and works in downtown Cleveland.  In addition to Kevin’s corporate work, he provides consulting services related to strategic planning and management for nonprofit organizations across the country.

Quality Assurance Programs- The Rules Are Changing, Are You?

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The past five years has seen massive consolidation among the scrap industries customers, significant changes to export markets, and greater sophistication in supply chain management. With all of these streams converging in 2020, our industries downstream vendors can be more selective than ever. Is your company prepared to compete? Do you have verified quality assurance […]