Kenneth Kunze

Kenneth Kunze

Kenn Kunze is a retired Battalion Chief with thirty years of experience in the Combat Division of the Fort Wayne Indiana Fire Department.  As an incident commander, Kenn fought to save property and life. He saw the tragedy first hand.  His passion for fire prevention was forged at those incidents.  He has worked in the recycling industry since his retirement and has a proven track record of reducing fire risk.  Kenn recently assisted in the development of the ISRI Fire Prevention and Management Plan and is working with ISRI members to help them understand and implement this plan.

Lower your fire risk – an introduction to the ISRI Fire Prevention and Management Plan

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As one of the greatest challenges to the scrap recycling industry, fire risk deserves a tremendous response.  ISRI has marshalled resources to address this concern.  The effort began with the Board of Directors recognition that this issue affects every member.  A team of fire professionals, with recycling industry experience, was recruited to work with ISRI staff […]

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