Kelley Keogh

Kelley Keogh

Kelley Keogh, a Co-Founder of Greeneye Partners LLC, has been working in the recycling and waste industries since 1992.  During these years she has worked as an environmental, sustainability, health and safety auditor and conducts onsite audits of metals smelters, CRT furnaces, battery recyclers and mercury retort sites worldwide. For the last 23 years her work has been exclusively in the electronics recycling industry supporting companies in certification to ISO14001, 9001, 45001, R2, RIOS and eStewards. Kelley serves on the technical advisory groups for the R2 and RIOS standards and served with EPEAT as both a Standards Assessor and Verification Auditor. Kelley is a California Certified Sustainable Auditor for the wine industry.

Quality Assurance Programs- The Rules Are Changing, Are You?

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The past five years has seen massive consolidation among the scrap industries customers, significant changes to export markets, and greater sophistication in supply chain management. With all of these streams converging in 2020, our industries downstream vendors can be more selective than ever. Is your company prepared to compete? Do you have verified quality assurance […]