Judy Ferraro

Judy Ferraro

Judy Ferraro has either worked with or been in sales and leadership for over thirty years.  Ten of those years, Judy owned and operated her own scrap metal business.  After 18 years in scrap, she decided to shed the glitz and glamour of scrap metal and form a consulting business.

Judy’s interest in sales began in high school as a “door to door” Avon representative.  She acted as a training assistant to an insurance general agent before finding a niche in the recycling industry.  Her interest has now turned to leadership, sales and customer service employee development as well as facilitating and speaking at conferences, trade shows and industry events.

For over a decade, Judy has written an award winning column for Scrap Magazine called “On Sales,”  She has recently released a book of her columns titled, “On Sales & Leadership and Other Helpful Business Stuff.”

Studying in Chicago’s comedy circle at Second City, IO (formerly Improv Olympic) and Player’s Workshop was a stepping stone to creating popular employee development programs incorporating improv into her presentations.  Her comedic background and excellent interactive skills is key when building seminars that are informative and fun.  She emphasizes the importance of listening, the art of asking good questions and the ability to laugh at oneself.

Judy has worked with a variety of companies in the retail, finance, insurance, manufacturing, recycling, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, education as well as sports sales and customer service teams.

Judy attended DePaul University’s College of Commerce in Chicago.  She is married with one son who has under a 3 handicap in golf. Not bad!