George Gatlin

George Gatlin

In 1994, George Gatlin created the business model for Invema, a recycling center in Honduras that sought to provide efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly solutions for recycling non-organic waste generated by our society. He started with three employees, one truck and one densifier. Today, Invema is the largest recycler in Central America, and only recycled pet food grade resin and packaging producer approved by Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Nestle in Central America.

Since 1994, George has managed the day to day operations, new business development, and overall growth planning for Invema. Today, his company strives to make recycling a solution out of poverty for the people of Honduras, as well as an environmental solution.

ISRI Talks

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New this year at ISRI2020 is ISRI Talks, where 5 selected members will present their inspiring and thought-provoking ideas after spending months being extensively trained in the “TED talk”-style of speaking. Brandi Harleaux will emcee this unique morning session that promises to build community and connection in a way that has never being done before at […]