Brian Connors

Brian Connors

Brian entered the recycling industry in 1992 applying a degree in Manufacturing Engineering to “demanufacture” appliances.   He has designed, built and installed three custom dedicated appliance recycling plants in the Philadelphia region.  Two using hammermill technology and one using shear shedder technology.

He has extensive operational experience in Hammermill shredding and European “Fridge” plant operation and process design.  Additionally, he has extensive knowledge in the processing, reclamation and destruction of refrigerants.  He was part of the first project in the United States to create Carbon Credits using the Ozone Depleting Substance Protocol in both Chicago Climate Exchange and California Carbon Markets.  He has presented to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries on Shredded Appliance residue and Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management systems in addition to presenting at the University of Kentucky Sustainable Manufacturing Seminar.

Lower your fire risk – an introduction to the ISRI Fire Prevention and Management Plan

Reef E-F

As one of the greatest challenges to the scrap recycling industry, fire risk deserves a tremendous response.  ISRI has marshalled resources to address this concern.  The effort began with the Board of Directors recognition that this issue affects every member.  A team of fire professionals, with recycling industry experience, was recruited to work with ISRI staff […]

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